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                    Product description

                    Product Features

                    1.Aluminum diecasting base and grille is used in the LED bulkhead.The surface is handled with paint. This solve the heat dissipation problem of LED lights perfectly. The light is also with good weather resistance and intensity. The lifespan of the light can be more than 50000H.

                    2.Transparent or frosted glass shade is used in the LED bulkhead. Glass shade is designed with strips. The scattering effect is achieved by the emitting light through the streaks on the glass shade. The light is softer, the lumious efficiency is higher and the light is better distributed. So that the overall effect is better.

                    3.The light is with the advantange of energy conservation and environment protection. It can save more than 75% energy than using traditional bulkhead. The light is without radiation, flicker and interference. The light is also good for health.

                    4.The driver is sealed by silicone in the aluminum bottom housing. The driver is internally assembled. The IP grade can reach IP65.

                    5.The light can be easily installed.It can be fixed by two screws.

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